Privacy please!

Generally, once I’ve been hoisted upstairs and plonked onto the commode to do my business, the carers diplomatically leave the room to let me get on with things in privacy. Even then it’s quite hard sometimes to pee on demand (even though I now have to try to schedule my loo visits to the 4 times a day when the carers come!). One time, however, the carers just stood there over me, making a bit of chit chat between themselves.

Have you ever tried weeing on demand and whilst being stood over? In the end I had to signal for my phone and politely asked them if they could leave the room as I had stage fright…

Not only did it work, but they remembered too and never did it again!

5 thoughts on “Privacy please!

  1. I totally get that! I struggle to go when there is someone in the next stall of a public restroom!! And god forbid someone speaks to me while I am in there 😂

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  2. Good for you – I wouldn’t have been able to ‘perform’ either! I guess bodily functions become very matter of fact for nurses/carers, which in a way is reassuring. Even so! 🙂

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