Oh shut up, Sarah!

Can you believe it? One of my carers said that to me yesterday – me who can’t speak!

Bloomin’ cheek! 😂

That’s what our relationship is like. We have a great banter, all through grunts, looks and hand signals – you can imagine what sort sometimes! (I am my mother’s daughter after all!)

In retaliation I splashed her with water as she let me soak my hands. 😆

In the same week I’ve been called bossy and demanding!

I love how we have such a laugh. I’m so lucky with how fab they are. They literally keep me sane. And they know me so well, I rarely have to use my phone to speak now. Sue has a great relationship with them too, in fact she finds it quite therapeutic.

Mind you, in contrast I had a new carer the other night who didn’t speak to or acknowledge me once whilst she (& the other one, who did speak to me) undressed and washed me. I was quite offended by that. Others have spoken about me, across me, whilst not actually including me. I may not be able to speak or do anything for myself but I’m still all there mentally, and I’m very much still me.

Luckily, those are the exception to the rule. Give me insults and hassle any time!

[I’ve managed to pull a muscle in my “good” arm so am trying to reduce movement in it, including using my phone, so bear with me if you message me – sorry!]

5 thoughts on “Oh shut up, Sarah!

  1. You seem to be having a ball with some carers
    Its good to have a laugh and a sense of humour
    I bet they look forward to seeing you
    To find out what kind of mood your in
    If you don’t like them see if you can aim your piss
    And piss all OVER them ha a xxx

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  2. Just fabulous to see that you are the same Sarah that I know and love! I’d be more than surprised if you let carers get away with anything!

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  3. Ha! Those that dare are brave!! (I am talking about the carers here! 😆😊). Every visit I have had, you have had me laughing with your dry sense of humour and am glad you share that with them. The carers on the whole sound to be fabulous but it’s a two way street. Xx

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