My nod to International Women’s Day

Being International Women’s Day today seems very apt time to recognise one of the most incredible women I know, the woman I’m genuinely honoured to call my best friend, Mills (aka Debbie!).

We’ve been friends for nearly 50 years, having gone to Play-school together. And we’ve been pretty much inseparable since, even though our lives have taken us in very different directions – that has never got in the way of our friendship.

While many of her closest friends, including me, swanned off to uni, Debbie went to work. All these years later she is arguably the most accomplished of us all (certainly more so than me anyway), AND has a degree (a proper degree that you can actually do something useful with!) which she earned while working and raising her family. Her daughters are a real credit to her and John, both being bright, huge hearted and already amazingly accomplished. Oh, and she married one of the nicest men I know!

Since I became ill she has always been there for me, checking in on me most days, trekking all the way over to Cardiff from Wiltshire and back again in the same evening many times. Even when, depressed, I’ve tried pushing her (along with everyone else) away, she won’t have any of it and conspires with Sue to visit anyway to sort me out. Which, with her ever wise, pragmatic words, she always does.

I’ll never forget the moment, all those years ago, when I braved telling her I was leaving my husband…for a woman, and that I was gay. We were in the garden and she simply took a drag on her cigarette and coolly said “Yeah, that figures”. Then congratulated me. 😂

Thanks for everything Millsy, you’re the best.

3 thoughts on “My nod to International Women’s Day

  1. What an amazing story! Such a strong woman (just like her friend!) A great lesson to learn about good friends, is that they will probably know what you’re going to do before you do it ! 🤔xx

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  2. It takes a special person to put your feelings out there
    It helps people who read this to understand how hard it must be to try and except this mind cruel disease
    To wake up and try and find the strength to still be funny and informative
    Keep it up as it helps people understand more about the vast change in someone else’s circumstances
    Keep it up Sarah xxx

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