This too shall pass – eventually!

Well I’ve just had the most horrible few days. I’ve had chronic constipation – caused, most probably, by the painkillers I was on for tendonitis 🙄. Don’t worry, I’ll spare you the details, but suffice to say I think it’s one of the most painful and uncomfortable things I’ve ever experienced and I’ve been bloody miserable. It certainly proved that I’m not especially brave – I don’t tolerate pain well and if you’d heard my moans you’d be in no doubt. Sue said anyone passing would have thought I was giving birth!

Luckily, after some intervention, it’s finally passed now (again, scuse the pun). As I said to the carers who were here at the time “I feel like a new woman. Do you know any?” They – and Sue who was in the room – all laughed and declared me officially back. 😀

All the carers who visited me during this time were absolutely amazing, so kind and caring and offered fantastic help and advice. I’m so grateful to them. It takes a very special kind of person to be so caring and to deal with all sorts of horrible stuff on a daily basis for so little pay. They are the heroes of our society.

So I’ve been in bed since Sunday, and in that time that watched a lot of TV, much of which has been about the coronavirus of course. I’m not stressing about it but it does concern me of course because it could well kill me due of the effect MND has on breathing. I’m not going out at the moment but we have plenty of people coming here. Still, as I say, I’m not overly worrying myself – there’s no point.

I’m keen to get downstairs to see all the work that’s been done. We’ve had new front and back doors installed this week and work is progressing on the wet room and the garden – or should that be gardens, as we’re now having the front garden done too. Very exciting. But, as I’m now having the opposite problem to constipation, I’m better off staying in bed and out of the way! 😬

Still, I’m missing spending time with Sue. She has been keeping the ball rolling on everything that’s going on, and looking after a very moany and demanding wife – she’s exhausted, bless her.

She’s worried I’m becoming insular and withdrawing from life in general, and I have to concede there might be an element of truth in that – I can feel myself becoming very cautious of any change (ironic, for a former change management professional). We had planned to go out somewhere this week and deep down I’m a bit relieved we now can’t. There, I’ve admitted the problem so hopefully now I can address it. I don’t think Sue will give me any choice anyway. She says that when I’m downstairs and in my wheelchair or on the sofa she sees me, not the MND, but when I’m in bed it’s harder to see past it. There’s my motivation if ever I needed it. All being well, I’ll get up later today.

Time for the rest of me to get moving now! 😉😆

6 thoughts on “This too shall pass – eventually!

  1. Love the fact that you’re both being so honest – with each other and with yourselves. That’s got to help even though I’m sure it’s hard. Hope things return to normal (digestion-wise) very soon! xx

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  2. Loving you honesty and openness! Sorry to hear of your ‘digestion issues’ but sounds like you are coming out the other end… eww 😊😁. It will be fab when you are downstairs and more sociable and then out in what will be a fabulous garden! Not long now! Tx

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  3. Love reading your blog. Can’t imagine what you’re going through but your attitude is an inspiration to us all. Miss seeing you in work too xx

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  4. Hi Sarah. Not your best week by the sounds of it. You’re right, Sue is your motivation to get your arse out of bed as soon as it’s safe to do so. I hope the sun is shining where you are and you can point your nose towards the outside and breathe. Slow steady deep relaxing breaths. Stay strong. Spring is coming!

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  5. Come on now Mrs, you are doing so well. I know it’s easy for me to sit here and say so. Spring is just round the corner and your garden awaits you. Love to you. Logan and I will be over to see you on the weekend. We want you downstairs. Please. Xx

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