If you didn’t laugh…

The last week has been one of the toughest yet, with my tummy problems going from one extreme to the other. Sometimes, such as one morning this week when I was lying on the bed having the hoist sling fitted on me naked, I catch myself and think what my life has become in the space of just a few months. I started laughing at the ridiculousness of wearing the hoist naked (quite the look!), but the laughter soon involuntarily turned to tears. Even the carer welled up.

Luckily, the week also provided me with lighter moments.

I mentioned we’d had a new toilet installed in the bathroom. It’s a fancy automated bidet-style one, with a remote control. One afternoon I had finished my business and was being wheeled away on my commode, and handed the remote to a carer (we’ll call her carer A). She then got behind me to push while Carer B was pulling from the front. Suddenly carer A started gasping and we all felt water – she had triggered the jet wash accidentally and it was spurting everywhere, but mostly all over her back! B and I started laughing, B so hard she couldn’t move – until A yelled at her to as she continued to be drenched! So they hurried me out of the bathroom then dived into my bedroom for shelter – leaving muggins here stranded on the landing, still in the line of fire! 😂 I indicated that I was still getting wet and B heroically grabbed a towel and shielded me until it stopped. We were all weak and crying with laughter, it was hysterical. 🤣

Another evening, I was being put to bed and the carer was bemoaning the fact that that evening she had been sent to calls all over Cardiff, miles apart. As she listed all the areas she’d been to, I started off making sympathetic noises then, as the list continued, mimed playing the violin! She stopped in her tracks, shocked at my cheek – then burst out laughing! 😆

Such moments really help lift me and stop me feeling so sorry for myself. Because this is so tough, so heartbreaking – and so frustrating that I can’t do more for myself. And poor Sue has to carry all of that slack.

As I was lying in bed one afternoon I could hear Sue downstairs in the kitchen. As I’ve written before, she spends the whole day looking after our various visitors and barely gets a moment to sit down. Even when she does she’s invariably doing something for me – on this occasion making a couple of phone calls on my behalf. Cheerfully, as ever. Then chatting to the gardeners again and making yet another round of drinks (coffee-machine coffee, no less – no cheap instant for our visitors!). She really is incredible. We both miss me being downstairs more often – it’s very lonely for us both, especially Sue, but it’s unavoidable at the moment. This week we’ll be doing our best to get my tummy sorted as I’m not getting the nourishment I need at the moment.

Meanwhile we appreciate all the support we’re getting – and get our laughs wherever we can!

4 thoughts on “If you didn’t laugh…

  1. I’ve got to be honest Sar, I did have a lovely experience on your toilet when I came to visit yesterday. I did think at one point, this jet of water is not going to stop!!! My bits had never been so clean. Ka can’t wait for a go!!!!

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  2. I read this post whilst walking the dogs this morning in the sunshine. Your post made me appreciate the spring sunshine even more today. The water jet toilet incident must have given carer A such a shock! I hope you manage to calm your digestive system down again so you can get downstairs later this week. Keep blogging….

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