Wake-up call

I’ve woken up this morning to the news of the youngest victim yet of the coronavirus – a 45 year old guy who had MND. A wake-up call if ever I needed one to just how serious the threat is. I’m lucky insofar as my oxygen levels are currently near-normal but my breathing is much shallower than it used to be.

In fact, it’s one of the first symptoms I noticed, probably coming up to about a year ago now. I always used to sing in the car to and from work and, after some years in a choir, had pretty decent breath control so could hold a note for some time before needing to take a breath. But I started noticing I had to take breaths far more often. And now I can barely breathe in for more than the count of 2. I just can’t take enough breath in, which is why I try to avoid crying as much as possible because it’s so hard to catch my breath, it’s scary.

I must admit to shedding a tear for this guy though, a father of 2. Heart-breaking.

Sue and I have decided to “socially distance” ourselves now to try to minimise risks. Obviously my carers will still be coming (hopefully!!) but no more non-essential visitors. Apologies to everyone whose visits we’ve had to cancel but thank you for your understanding.

Stay safe and healthy everyone. We’ll get through this. 💪🙏😊

3 thoughts on “Wake-up call

  1. I know that you are singing on the inside. Your extraordinary smiles are catching, even from a distance so don’t think isolating is going to stop us all smiling with you!
    Both take enormous care of yourselves – huge hugs Sallyxx

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  2. I thought of you this morning when I heard the news. It so make sense and although it’s rubbish to think we won’t have a visit for a while I am so glad you are looking after yourself. We truly can never see nor imagine what is around the corner (this one just keeps bending and bending!). Loads of love! Tx

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