The Gift of Now

Today I’m posting a poem I wrote for my wife a few months ago, for our fifth anniversary, so some of you have seen it. I hope you like it.

When i struggle to stand

you uplift me,

when i stumble

you steady me,

when i cry with frustration

you cwtch me close.

When i can’t speak

you understand me,

when i mourn last times

you create new memories,

when i surrender to my weakness

you share your unwavering strength.

When i despair

you remind me of hope,

when i stamp with anger

you stamp back, harder!

when i close in on myself

you open your boundless heart to me.

When i grieve inconsolaby for a future unshared,

a life unlived,

a love unfulfilled

You remind me of the precious gift of now.

16 thoughts on “The Gift of Now

  1. Hi ..u gave us sight of this amazing poem and re_reading it is truly wonderfuk(your words not mine..but such a brill world) u write so beautifully and sums up U and Sue .. wonderful beautiful couple u r XxOo. Let me know wen best to visit u guys whilst I am on leave. miss u both xx 0796714469..


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