Radio silence

Apologies for the delay with this blog but it’s been quite a struggle. Whilst I can still use my fingers and thumbs, my right arm is extremely weak and I can now barely lift it so typing is quite tiring.

This week’s development is that I’ve been fitted with a catheter – lucky me! They tend to be reluctant to fit them because of risk of infections etc but they decided that in my case the pros outweighed the cons and besides, I have carers and district nurses checking me every day. The district nurses are all brilliant too, I’m so fortunate.

So one minute I was asleep and the next I had a nurse standing over me telling me they were going to give me an enema then fit the catheter right then and there. Talk about a rude awakening!

Luckily I’m not too squeamish about such things. I’ve been an egg donor twice and that involves a lot of intrusive prodding about.

The first time, I was 35 and it was all done by a Harley Street clinic. It was totally anonymous, though I did get to write them a short letter for them to read when they turned either 16 or 18.

I had to have all sorts of tests beforehand then lots of scans etc once things got underway. Luckily the clinic had an agreement with Bath hospital ( I was living near Bath at the time) so most scans were done there. As an egg donor you only get expenses paid and I even had to take a couple of days unpaid leave, as I had elected to do it.

You also have to self inject for the 10 days or so leading up to extraction so it’s not for the faint hearted but you use an Epipen so it’s not like having an injection at all.

The second time, within a year or so, came about when I was approached by my ex’s step sister on behalf of a friend. He’d had leukaemia and had frozen his sperm before treatment because he was desperate to be a dad. His partner had a son from a previous relationship but felt unable to go through fertility treatment due to health reasons. So I agreed, though not before pointing out that the chances were stacked against us. But they were very keen to proceed.

It was slightly more complicated because the university hospital we were doing it through insisted they did all the scans themselves so I had to go up to London more often. An unexpected bonus though was when I called the previous clinic for my medical records they told me a baby had been born, which obviously I was delighted about.

And I was lucky second time around too. They had a baby boy who’s now nearly 13 – his parents send me occasional photos which is lovely.

So yes, I’m not too squeamish with injections and being probed so the catheter was straight forward.

Of course now the carers get to examine and discuss my wee too. The other day they were remarking on how healthy it looked and what a lovely colour it was. “Well,”I said, “I’ve got the cleanest fanny in Cardiff, what do you expect?!”. 😂

To end on a serious note, this may be my last blog for a while. I’m not doing so well both physically and emotionally so I’m being put on medication which will keep me calm but also quite sleepy most of the time, but hopefully I’ll be back before too long.

10 thoughts on “Radio silence

  1. Hi gorgeous lady! So good to see your blog! I so look forward to the next one when you feel up to it! will be in touch separately in the meantime. Huge love! Tx💕

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  2. Sorry to hear you are not great at the moment. I hope the catheter helps in some way and hope you regain your strength. What an absolutely wonderful and selfless women you are to donate your eggs, something you must be so proud of doing, well done. And to be successful twice too, amazing! Looking forward to the next blog Sar. Take care.x.x

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  3. It’s not many people that can be so confident about the quality of their wee. Thank you so much or sharing this with us!
    You must be so proud that you were able to help two couples and that a little bit of Sarah will go on and on. Somewhere out there your wise genes will be lighting up someone else’s life just as you light up mine.
    Sad that we won’t hear from you for a while; your posts always make me smile if not guffaw. I am more proud that you can imagine knowing the cleanest fanny in Cardiff and can’t express how genuinely honoured I feel to have that shared with me. No honestly I do! That’s what makes you the sublime person you are.

    Will miss you and hope that we hear from you again with some more fascinating and unexpected facts about life chez vous.


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  4. Hello lovely, thank you once again for your enlightening blog – can imagine that must have taken considerable effort, although the way you write with grammatical perfection you’d never know. Very amused about the healthy fanny reports, and like Sally – somehow honoured that you’re sharing this with us 😆. It was wonderful to read about your experiences with egg donation, and really uplifting to know that two healthy babies have been made possible for couples who could not have had that without you. What a wonderful gift.
    Dearly hope the medication eases things for you lovely. Take your time and rest well.
    Our deepest love x x x

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  5. Well for someone struggling physically and mentally, that was one of your most interesting and entertaining blogs. So you’ve still got it, Sarah! No wonder your carers enjoy your company so much. I vaguely remember the egg donation and your selflessness act to help give someone the chance of a child (successful, twice). Interesting to hear the story retold. I wish that you could have a pause, a respite in this disease’s cruel progression. It is beyond unfair. I look forward to your next post and the connection it gives all your friends to you and Sue. Best wishes x

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  6. Sar, it doesn’t surprise me one bit that you’d give the ultimate gift of eggs to those most in need – truly a wonderfuk gesture from a truly lovely lady.
    Sending you a big hug from accross the water.
    Take care now,
    Love Ellie.

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  7. It was so uplifting to read of your experiences with egg donation. We use the word amazing alot these days but this is really and truly an amazing and selfless act of giving. You deserve to feel very proud. Just wonderfuk! ( My new favourite word !)
    Sending you lots of love and hugs, Sar.
    Love Debbie x


  8. Wow Sar an egg donor, what an amazing thing to do…I’m even more inspired by you. So sorry to hear you’re not doing so well right now though…sending hugs. Susanne xx

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